The Postelles & MFG's Swimming with Sharks NY launch @ KFN to Le' Bain: Philadelphia to New York
New rock n' roll stompers, The Postelles, stopped through Philly for a quick show at KFN just three days into their album release tour. I pulled them aside for a quick post-show shoot and convo up in the hot
ass sweat swamp of a the green room. Six hours later, I went from hot and sweaty to 60 degree and rainy...Philly to NYC, for the east coast launch of MFG's Swimming with Sharks. Hot damn. Even on a
chilly day The Standard's Le'Bain was crowded on both floors. A bit blustery on the rooftop, but full of super soakers at the indoor bar. And a 4ft deep pool...well, we all know what happens on the 4ft line.