Shadowscene presents Party at the Moontower vol. 1 @ Private Location: Los Angeles, CA In 1993 a film was released documenting a bunch of teenagers kicking off summer in 1976...and a new cult film was launched. When it comes to that concept, things don't change much, so in
honor of being dazed and confused, we launched our own series, Party at the Moontower. According to Dirty Dave, it's "pretty cosmic". And a forewarning from Dan Sena, "There was no
such thing as caution tape in the 70s". Hoff, TNT, Kenan Bell and more broke in the tower with some rock jams while we broke some laws and got bent like wet cigarettes.
Thanks to Colt 45, Monster, Wonder Woman and Sonny for the rad chalk bday art. xoxo And on that note, here we go..onward for 10 hours of the moontower.