Shadowscene presents Party at the Moontower vol. 2 @ Private Location: Los Angeles, CA Second time is a charm, at least in the Moontower series. For a Sunday afternoon, we truly did it up in style. Colt 45, AMP Energy and Mischief Hornitos adorned us with beverages leading to a high friction
afternoon of pool skating, water balloon contests, sprinkler dives, and two amazing sets by Brother Reade and 87 Stick Up Kids. A few people rocked out their 1980s gear with Tiffany & Axl Rose but I sorta
went overboard..."Dont Worry Be Happy" sweats, fanny pack, 80s Purple shades and hightop Reeboks. Yarg, why not? ET didn't phone home, T2 never came back and someone definitely ate all the damn brownies,
but nothing topped the double whammy of live acts rapping to a pool full of skaters while the moon rises at the tower. Next time around is 90s style which is sure to get messy; it'll be like Woodstock 94....