Shadowscene Trek Across Country to Spank Rock @ Los Angeles, CA to Philadelphia, PA Kid Catastrophe and Shadowscene on a cross country drive. Yeah, right! Our cross country trek had a couple of circles in it and a lot of zig zag lines. When
it takes you nearly two days to get through Arizona, there's a problem. And when you're back on track but then realize you have 247 miles until the next freeway,
check a real map. Because you've probably missed your turn somewhere. Nonetheless, we ran into the Grand Canyon and discovered some hill side dwellings
that most likely aren't even on a map. You know, those places in the scary movies where there's one gas station every 100 miles, and it's probably vacated. We
also brought along Pickles, the cat. Pickles has now visited 6 hotels, a Subway, a Carls Jr. and a grocery store. Pickles is magical. Kid Cat and I are still klutzes.