IAM Sound Records CMJ Showcase @ Bowery Poetry Club: New York, NY IAM Sound Records presented what has been claimed by Stereogum as the best showcase at CMJ featuring Telepathe, New Villager, Apache Beat, Golden Silvers, Suckers and Fools Gold.
As if this eclectic and super buzz-worthy lineup wasn't enough, there was also a baffling magician. I ended up stumping him however when asked to be the assistant for his first "trick". I
apparently have a knack for fouling up those pre-planned bits of magic. I also have a knack for eating my midnight snacks in the front row while shooting headline acts. At least I shared my sammy
with others; including VICE photographers and Fools Gold. Who says it's a faux pas to get a little lettuce on the stage while shooting...it's the IAM Sound showcase. And it's all in the family.