Ellei J. artist installation and random fiesta bits @ All Over the City: Los Angeles, CA
Rum is still holding a good solid spot on the scene these days and fortunately it's Sailor Jerry; that spice will throw you for a loop seven sips in. I hopped around a few different bashes this
week and also spent a solid 12 hours in a glass box designing my installation for The Standard Hotel - Hollywood. The installation will be up until the end of December so go check it out! It's
entitled "Life On the Moon" and should leave you feeling at least a little bit loopy. I finished up and left the hotel around 6AM in giggle fits from both paint fumes and exhaustion. Of course,
that very same morning I was running about and even made sure to stop by Dance Right to visit Valida and Saints & Sinners for some rum torching and Philly DJ Showdowns. Boom.