Grammy Friends & Family party with Estelle and George Clinton @ Paramount Studios Lot: Los Angeles, CA
Paramount Studios housed the Grammy's Friends & Family bash again this year. It was sad reminiscing about last year with DJ AM and PB Wolf and of course Lil Jon. It's insane how
fast a year can go by. I ended up drinking two Cosmopolitans thinking they were Cape Coders. That was intense. Charley and I found a random lemon. That was bizarre. I kicked Simon
Rex in the ass. That was a requirement. Some fluffy animal coat woman asked if I was Wire Image. I said Wire Robot. Perez Hilton was cutting loose. Estelle sang about boys. I sang
songs to the delicious wraps that were glorious sud soakers. I then went Disco. Blurry disco. I scaled a house and then made some soup before cabbing it to the airport. Hot sauce soup.