Travis Barker and A-Trak kick off the TRVSxATRK tour and afterparty @ The Roxy: Los Angeles, CA
Talk about a helluva night. Avenger and I went down to The Roxy for the private launch show of the TRVSxATRK tour. If you've never seen Travis drum live, it's fucking ridiculous. So good. We then
headed upstairs to 'On the Rox' for the afterparty where there was way too much free booze and red bull. However, you had to pay for juice. Naturally. MOM Jeans and Pase Rock and crew played a diddy.
Kid Sister and JDH stopped by. The Undocumented crew and a whole bunch of favorite faces I haven't seen in awhile were finally all under one roof. We then left, realized how phallic the liquior billboard
was and then discovered the best, Snoop Dogg endorsed, 24 hours sushi joint in all of Los Angeles. Sushi Kingz. The place has a studio in the basement, it's own distilled vodka and deliiiicious sushi. Not
to mention their vodka comeswith a shot glass top. Take the top off and shoot it back. Oh, and it's also containted in a glass bong. Yeah, once it's empty it's resuable. How's that for going green? ~ ~ ~ ~