Biker Daughter + Shadowscene + Kenan Bell + Hank & Cupcakes tour @ The Space: Hamden, CT to Red Palace: DC
If it weren't for The Space in Hamden, CT I don't know what kids would do up there. Full of funky rare finds stuck to the walls, and 80s game room with vintage video games and an all ages venue for
acts of all sizes, this venue is rad. Better yet, across the street is now a building full of artists lofts so the afterparties are also self contained. We partied at the dive bar post show, slammed a few 2 dollar Tully's
and then reconvened for some 4am sing-a-longs. From to The Red Palace in DC. This place had only been open for a week so we even got our own Percolater. And sticky rice. Our super late night antics
are left undocumented via film. But trust me, the video footage soon to be leaked of us performing a 2am open mic, Kenan dancing on the bar, stripper pole action and dance-offs will land on the web soon enough.