Biker Daughter + Shadowscene + Kenan Bell + Hank & Cupcakes tour @ Sonar: Baltimore, MD
Seeing as we are on the #FoodTourofAmerica, we made sure to hit up Ben's Chili Bowl on our way out of DC; naturally 30mins after finishing off our breakfast sandwiches. With lack of
parking in the city and some humid rain, we ended up eating our delicacies in the utmost street trash fashion...huddled around the van with the food on the floor taking turns grabbing bites.
The afterhour activities from this evening are not documented on film fear, the video footage of our 2am open mic session at Howl at the Moon, Kenan dancing on bartops and some pole
swinging action will surely hit the interwebs sooner than later. Thanks to Dirty Ralph for being Dirty Ralph and thanks to good karma for aiding us in the discovery of our lost gear before sunrise.