Biker Daughter + Shadowscene + Kenan Bell + Hank & Cupcakes tour @ Brooklyn Bowl: Brooklyn, NY
After fifteen hours of driving from S. Carolina to New York, there was a bit of napping...followed by a magical Israeli feast hosted by Hank & Cupcakes at their Brooklyn home. Delicious. Conway flew the
Philly coop and landed in Brooklyn as, our night escalated into chasing rats, meeting boys from Utah who can't handle their liquor and passing out in Bushwick around 5am after a few too many shots of
tequila and whiskey. Of course, this was all followed by the last show of tour at the Brooklyn Bowl on minimal sleep and an all day hangover. BK Bowl, your hospitality is unreal. So is your salmon sammich.
On further note, check out the newest video for "Ain't No Love" from Hank & Cupcakes which they debuted at the show. H&C rule. Pleasure is a drug.