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A trip down memory lane, errr acid roads. Since laying low during a year of political mayhem and a bleak pandemic world, I’ve taken to digging into my roots from the simple things of reverting back to 35mm photography to larger scale as in visiting my home, the birth town, the kid-ville, the foundations of myself…deep in the depths of Northern Maine. read more...


Stoked to present the High Reeper album release show with performances from Mick’s Jaguar, Green Meteor and all vinyl DJ sets from the Wicked Sisters. Johnny Brendas, 3/31 – 7pm | Get Tickets in Advance read more...


Gearing up for another weekend with Low Dose, the noise punk grunge outfit from Philly comprised of members from Fight Amp and Legendary Divorce … catch you in New York and then Philly for what’s inevitably going to be a dose to leave you yearning for another fix. read more...

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