A trip down memory lane, errr acid roads. Since laying low during a year of political mayhem and a bleak pandemic world, I’ve taken to digging into my roots from the simple things of reverting back to 35mm photography to larger scale as in visiting my home, the birth town, the kid-ville, the foundations of myself…deep in the depths of Northern Maine. It’s equivocated a refresher on my own values and also acted as a bit of a spiritual Northern star, come hither, vibe. And in the process since not being able to photograph tours and events, people, gatherings and the such, the old sticks, stones, waterways and atmospheric gateways have led to some fun experimental photography. Last summer I released a small collection of images, mostly all shot in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. This new collection quite literally follows my own footsteps from the Mid-Atlantic to the next time zone’s edges on the border of New Brunswick. Visit the Shadowscene Shop for individual prints and the Acid Roads Photo Collection, a 5×7 photo set limited to 10 editions. ~ EJ