Every few weeks, I get to climb the walls, cover everyone in flannel and shower Philly in my favorite grunge, angst ridden essential jams and anthems.  I find myself so charged by this genre and time period it’s like floating on cloud 9 with an IV of Red Bull. Even the shitty songs from this period are somehow amazing. It’s unreal. So this week, alongside my grunge loving cohort, John D., we’ll be shredding it up in our Dr. Martens with the rest of you who just can’t seem to get enough Nirvana, Mudhoney, L7, Helmet, Garbage and Jane’s Addiction. Grunge for Life!

So while going through my record collection in anticipation, I also went through my hot sauce stockpile. A few months back a good friend of mine sent me the most EPIC care package of 30+ hot sauces. However, today I realized I’ve almost drank, ate, shared, polished off almost every one. This is insane! I need Cholula, Tapatio, Hellz Hot, Tears of Fire all back in my cabinet. Mother Hubbard called and she’s pissed. I did however get to drench my avocado and breakfast taters in what was left of the Texas champagne. So that was devine. Next up, Biscuits for Smut.