This morning I woke up with a cookie in my pocket…crumbs in my jacket and was at a loss for where I left my 3am chicken finger leftovers. My cat spends all day licking a stuffed fuzzy banana like it’s her pet. And the radio only plays static noise or classic music with horns. These are my mornings. Finding (or losing) leftovers from the night before and trying to piece together all of the bits of information via crumbs aka clues. My nights are similar yet on an amplified level with additives such as dancing, various meanderings and better music. Between the monthly metal night, Thunderfuck, the EDM eccentricity of Leather and my return to Tigerbeats, the best indie party to boot, my week was wild nights and whacky mornings. I didn’t necessarily get my fix of DJing my favorite metal songs this month but rather hosted and photographed the slew of bands we had perform which ended up bringing Thunderfuck to the next level. Literally, our next installment will be a double decker event not to mention the yet to be announced mini festival this summer. Dreams do come true!

I also made my return to the weekly mayhem of Tigerbeats. As some of you know I helped launch this Monday party over three years ago in Philly. After nearly a year hiatus, I am back to my regularly scheduled program: photographing the debauchery of this indie dance rager every week. So I’ll be seeing a lot more of you on the dance floor and I couldn’t be happier! It’s kind of crazy to look back on the first two years of photos . . . it’s like a time capsule of iconic moments. So, I truly look forward to adding to this little scrapbook of foggy memories.

I think I need lots of hot water and lemon as a boost for mental clarity and hydration since I seem to be surviving on double sized expressos. Now it’s onward to the High Five video shoot, some glitter in the air and a long nap in preparations for tomorrow’s One Year Anniversary of Guitar Army. Plus, the new Shadowscene tee-shirt collection is about to debut on top of our spring time mix just in time for the changing seasons. Everything’s coming up roses… with a wonderful side of peanut butter cookie crumbs.