I don’t even know where to begin with revisiting my week’s activities and festivities. I started off avoiding the down pouring rain with a mexican fiesta at Cantina complete with margaritas, tacos and four local DJs. The best is, I’m talking pitchers of margaritas (mango flavored for me) and huge baskets of tortillas and salsa dips. Next, I scored two necessary records for my metal vinyl collection, made some new Shadowscene buttons for a scavenger hunt, tried to find a comedy show and ended up wandering all over Philly in the late night mist, encountered too much bubble gum and dum dums on top of smothered Barbie dolls at New Radio, listened to Fntsy Pnthr’s new demo, oh…and burned my kitchen down. Yes.

I definitely have learned first hand that smoke and fire are no joke. By the time I had mentally processed that I had yet to put anything in my oven so I was no way burning anything, the entire house was flooded with smoke and I was on the floor. The comical part about this, was right before my stove decided to combust, I had just finished watching The Office episode about fire safety. Ironic. Needless to say, the fire was put out but the smoke had taken over nearly all of my apartment so I’ve spent the last few days sleeping with all windows open even though its 23 degrees outside and waking up feeling like I’m climbing out of a chimney. Pickles, the Shadowscene cat, is a bit peeved and I definitely didn’t get to make those snacks for the Superbowl. But, after a couple of days it’s really refreshing to know how minimal the damage was considering how much worse it could have been in a matter of seconds. Plus, the smells and arctic temperatures sort of make me feel like I’m living in a log cabin. So that’s pretty nice. Oh, fire, fire, sis boom blah.