FT of A

Welcome to the FT of A. That’s short for Food Tour of America. This has more or less been the running joke this past week seeing as while sitting in a tour van for 6+ hours or even residing in one city for more than one evening, you end up exploring your food options. And in a group of 4 or more, someone always wants to try the hot dog, try the chili, grab some chowder, get that famous burger or find the motherfucken dumpling falafel. Oh, and you better believe either Subway or McDonalds or better yet, Dunkin Donuts becomes your “home office.” Hence, the Kenan Bell + Biker Daughter/Shadowscene Food Tour of America ensues. This past week alone, we’ve as a group sampled the following: Burger. Burger. Chili. Lobster bisque. Clam & Corn chowda. Slim Jim. Home made pizza. Other types of pizzas. Curry vegetable soup. Free PB&J’s. Various diner breakfasts. Croissant sandwiches. Coffees. Truck stop coffee. Chex mix (assorted flavors). A salad. Numerous chicken nuggets. Numerous dipping sauces. A slutty Dr. Pepper. Water. Chicken cutlet hoagies. Fried mushrooms. Onion rings. Cheese steaks. Homemade apple pie. Vanilla bean ice cream. Stromboli. Baked potato. Thai Curry and Miso soup. PB&J’s in the dark.
You better bet your vanilla fudge hoagie ass I’m going straight for a banana tomorrow. Or better yet, this Food Tour of America is about to hunt down the finest apple or fruit farm there is on the east coast. Next stop…bed. Food in bed? We’re fucked.