Although last night I dreamt I stole a croissant, one of my dreams has always been to be so heavily snowed in that you need to bust out the snowmobile to be able to cruise around the city. We’re just now hitting the winter chill at the end of January, but still no major snowfall to help make this dream come true. Instead, I live vicariously through the photographs my Nana sends of her driveway, which is barely discernible beneath the canvas of white snow. While I sit and wait for the city to have a full-fledged winter, I’ll remain on my typical adventures of party hopping, pickle comparison (a gherkin is not a “big” pickle), ignoring the fact that cat fur will perpetually be a part of my world, and photographing the magic of the day and nightlife.

This week the cold didn’t put much of a damper on any adventures. I had a long overdue lunch with JHN RDN at Philly’s infamous Honeys, DJd Bike night, caught up on old school Jack Nicholson films and hit up Leather’s launch at Barbarella for a mix of dark metal and EDM. From there, my weekend was set off with a full energy charge from Sammy Slice’s new event, Magic Magic. I felt like the entire party was electrified from the onset. Sometimes a party with endless dancing is just what dreams are made of. So until my dreams of a snowmobile party can occur, I’ll just keep on dancing…and eating these darn gherkin pickles.