I imagine everything is pinkish and probably smells of florals in the world of Strawberry Shortcake, the hairless guinea. I feel a bit, I guess, confused? I feel chilly when I look at this little hairless guinea; someone knit her a damn sweater! Yet, I’m simultaneously amused at its expressions and curious as to if it really enjoys bubble baths. Is this a Johnson & Johnson sensitive skin bubble bath? I’m also enthralled that there’s a photographer doing campy nude shoots with a piggy. I mean, where’s the calendar!? I’m long overdue for my much talked about Pickles the Cat calendar (coming soon) with all her fuzzy faced glory and come hither so I can claw your eyes out stares. It’ll happen. But in the meantime, perhaps I should be stepping up my photographer game; get another hamster and take him on a picnic. Maybe a little beach blanket bingo. Birthday party? Until then, I’ll continue with my portraits, party candids and street life shots while drowning my mind in the Japanese books of kitties in costumes and the front page news of Guinea pigs gone wild. – Ellei J.

photo by Erin Bonilla.