I was initially feeling like Halloween had come and gone and between all my travels I wasn’t sure how the hell I was even going to pull it off this year. And, how was I ever going to top last year’s Kurt Cobain costume? But what ended up being a whirlwind of running around, was a whirlwind of fun. Kicking off the week with Tigerbeats Zombie edition was pretty killer, and then running a muck as a bandit on Mischief Night, and finally getting “dolled” up for actual Halloween all turned out to be bad ass. Not to mention, I’ve watched so many damn horror movies my dreams are out – of – control. V/H/S 1 and 2, Psycho, Ringu, Sleepaway Camp and Paranormal Activity and the entire Friday the 13th collection have been on rotation these past couple of weeks so you can only imagine the world of bizarre dreams I’m having. Although, to be honest, I kinda dig it. It’s been months since I’ve had my “chocolate donut induced” dreams. For those of you who don’t know, I thoroughly believe a chocolate donut before bed gives you supernatural far fetched dreams. Try it out.

But beyond the world of psychosomatic dreams, I’m on level 5000 with all of the things on the horizon. We’ve got the Tigerbeats 4 Year anniversary in a couple of weeks, the launch of the new Shadowscene site, a new series for the merch collection, and a long overdue follow up art show to be hosted at EXIT Skate in Philadelphia. So hey skater pals, mark your calendar for first Friday in December. We’ll have some sweet Shadowscene skate decks and more lined up for you. Until then, carry on with your bad self.

photo credit: Mario Manzoni