It’s hard. It’s fun. It’s out of control!! Jacci Stallone has one of the raddest blogs. I love it. I love her. And I love that she asked to do a feature interview on Shadowscene which was just posted today. I made fun of some stuff (as usual), made fun of myself (typical), and explained how it is that I’ve been having nonstop fun for the past 6+ years.
Speaking of fun…this past year has dominated. I’ve been trying to top the summer of 2005 for, well, fuck…five years now. And finally, I had to spend a summer in a different city on the opposite coast to do it, but I did it! Philly = top notch over the top wild ass fun. Seriously. Remember parties where people would dance all night? Where there were no holds barred and ‘anything goes’ was an understatement for the evening. Well yeah. It was like Oregon trail out here for while except this time we’ve headed East. Pickles has an ingrown claw, Penndelton is bald and I’m thirsty as fuck…but we made it. Let the dance party full music face melting blasts ensue. And mad props to Franki Chan for bringing back CYP2. Los Angeles just got a face-lift. Again.