It’s pretty fantastic Halloween is falling on a weekend this year. It’s kind of a month long celebration regardless, but with a Friday night hosting the official night of devilishness, the abundance of events is a bit overwhelming. Given our knowledge of good-time party vibes, we’ve rounded up a list of our favorites and bundled them all up for you. Whether you’re in Los Angeles, Philadelphia or New York, the Shadowscene Guide to Halloween will get you geared up and sorted for the best shindigs and shows for our favorite night of mayhem.

Between kicking off this week with the 2nd annual Zombie’Beats on Monday to shooting the new Biker Daughter video with full on werewolf vibes and rounding it out with the Sailor Jerry Rock n’ Roll Halloween on Friday, I couldn’t be more pumped for the entire whirlwind of it all. Last year’s Zombie Beats was completely nuts. With the Body Paint crew on board it ended up being a kick ass night of every person being turned into a zombie by sunrise. Sounds about right. And with the multitude of actual events happening here in Philly, I’m thrilled to be on board for the Sailor Jerry Rock n’ Roll bash. With EBGIII DJing all the psyche, punk, glam and early 70s rock n’ roll paired with free tattoos and endless cocktails, it’ll be a doozey. Now the only hard part is deciding what to dress up as . . . blerg!