I swear…it may as well be a holiday the day Coachella releases their line-up. It’s the one universal cheer heard around the country it seems. How can cheese go moldy when there’s Coachella!? How can socks go missing when there’s Coachella?! How can anyone be mad at anything when there’s Coachella!? Now that being said, this year is one helluva line-up. I’m super excited to see some great old school bands in the mix along with a few of my friends tacked into the roster. Super excited for Matt & Kim, Sleigh Bells, Gossip, The XX, Major Lazer and our own IAMSOUND family Little Boots and Florence & The Machine. These three days in the desert might be the best to date.
On another high note, our good friends The Heavy rocked Letterman last night. When the hell has Dave ever asked a band to do an encore!?

These guys are amazing…you might remember one of their tracks from a year back as part of the Shadowscene videobooth. The newest album, The House that Dirt Built, is phenomenal so get on that now! Check out some classic pics from their show in San Diego on the last Shadowscene tour and back in Los Angeles for mayhem. And when in doubt…Coachella!