From frisky felines to tail bending tigers, this week was off the wall, on the floor all sorts of crazy. Kicking off with an overly hyperactive tigerbeats where there were two too many birthdays being celebrated, I ended up nearly passing out in my hallway curled up like a cat. Midweek unicorn style parties, cherry bombs and then it was the TD2BD Kat Face party – legit full on whiskers and cat noses and highly encouraged rowdy behavior. Talk about getting turnt up. I’ve never seen someone lose their shit to Bubba Sparxxx or an entire crowd go mental in unison when the DJ finally drops, Turn Down For What. But seriously, turn down for what? It was a week of kitty kat kraze, drinking whiskey from a sock, twerkin, workin and cruising around like I was fueled by catnip. Meowza!