If there’s one thing I genuinely miss about photography, it’s the actual processing of negatives and disappearing into a darkroom to fuss with the images and prints. But even just photographing on actual film is pretty refreshing and rewarding. Not being able to show anyone their photo or sneak a peek at an image is kind of liberating. Better yet, photographing with a pin hole camera at a nightclub … even better.

I took upon this challenge a couple years ago as a Lomography project in Philly and definitely intend to do it again. It’s such a fun way to make the nighttime club vibes or house party look a little weirder. So considering that this week was National Film day, I’m ready to take the old school film camera to the streets and out to the parties…and there’s a lot of them. Tigerbeats, TEED, Factory Girls and a shoot with Sean Lennon. This week’s gonna be pretty hazy indeed.
fishtown lomo2 lomo3