The end of a pre-mega social media era is here. Nearly 18 years ago, Gibby Miller launched a site that would ultimately become one of the first social media platforms, connecting strangers across the web and creating a comfortable outlet for young teens and more to share their thoughts and personalities. successfully held it’s own even against larger social platforms such as Friendster, Myspace and even Facebook and has always had a longstanding, almost historical, ‘the original’ edge. But, after almost twenty years, it’s time to say goodbye to all those diary-esque posts, humble humilities and memories as Gibby closes the site to focus on new creative endeavors. I personally never registered to the site, but the amount of friends I know who did and still cherish it like it was their first stuffed teddy are endless! It’s rad to see something that was created in 1999 back in Boston, stretch across a couple of decades and really be a foundation for what was to come. Who knew!? There will always be a thrill in the memory of the early internet days, the bizarre dial up oddity full of yet to be discovered curiosities…and now that we are constantly “dialed in” and connected, the MOC chapter has come to an end.