Every now and again an artist comes along that I can’t help but drown my auditory pleasures in and then shove it in your face that you should probably be jumping on their band wagon of sound as well. So, here’s another one for you. As soon as I heard about this new project I was already pretty eager to hear what it would be all about. And after missing a handful of shows I was finally able to catch them live when they opened for Dead Meadow, and it was a done deal. Point being – Needle Points are fucking bad ass.

Hailing from Philly, this group will have you singing along from your first listen and then then tickled through every limb once you partake in a live show. Not only is their vinyl tie dye splash, but their songs will have you swooning like it’s the late 60s and you’ll be craving this musical candy for your eardrums. Everyone needs a little garage psych rock in their lives so here you go. Dig in.

Download the album:

|| Needle Points – Bom Tungangu ||