So I’ve been back in Los Angeles for a couple of days and already it’s right back into the world of the bizarre. Where anything goes, all is acceptable and it’s a boring day if you…well, it’s never really a boring day. Spiderman was arrested today while loitering around on Hollywood Blvd. I’d like to say it was because he was spinning webs in the traffic but alas, too many outstanding warrants or something. I told you those folks in costumes were up to no good! What better place to hide than in a circus or under a mask right out in plain view!? Other than that, I realized Monkey’s favorite toys are all bananas. Anne says it’s cause he’s Monkey. And of course, there’s the ever random postings on craigslist that never get old. This guys just wants a companion. And no worries ladies…no personality or age requirements necessary. Ah, Los Angeles: the land of opportunity.
On a different note, everyone is still full from last night’s soup party. Yes, SOUP Party. 6 soups, 30 bottles of wine and 20 people. I immediately went into a soup coma. I’m not kidding. After the full afternoon of prep and cooking and about five bowls of soup I laid down and past out right in the middle of everyone. I woke up this morning…still full on tater leek and brazilian beans. Oh my!