Let’s start with this. Yes, my nickname is robot. And yes. I used to drink 3 sparks a day. But, I was sponsored. So I felt inclined to have at least one color serving per day. Lies. I loved the shit. But that’s also why I don’t get why people still drink it. It’s not Sparks anymore. It’s not real. It’s an orange flavored malt beverage that’s eating your stomach away.

My crew in 2005 helped introduce Sparks to the market, when it was only being served in NY and LA. So, every party had it for free and our fridges were stocked. Let’s just say when they took it off the market, this little robot got sad and had to find a jet pack to get me all the way home each night.

That being said…these are a few random select photos from 2005/2006 when the party posse wouldn’t function without that all too well known orange tongue. And sorry Four Loco, you ain’t got shit on Sparks. Not now, not never.
Cheers to all the friends who helped me funnel my favorite battery acid beverage and fueled me for years of partying, crowd surfing, 12 hour photo shoots and endless touring. And if anyone has a real Sparks on reserve (not Steel), please, send it my way.

I selected a few photo gems to share with you. Featured photos include me & Jade at the Love Yourself warehouse in Los Angeles pre-Magnetic Zeros era, me cooling down a frothy Sparks at The Sounds after party on Vine St., my favorite zippo courtesy of Sparks that even sings to me, and some old school crews building towers and castles of cans.

Can we somehow get this back by popular demand? Drats. This ‘lil robot wants her Sparks!