Avenger and I are kickin’ it at the Castle talking reality shows and found this gem. How it came up I don’t remember.
The other comic relief is sitting at home and having someone ring your doorbell…and when you answer, they say, “Hi, I was at a party here on Friday night an lost my phone. I think I left it next to the rabbit.” What…? Well…bun bun didn’t eat it. We’ll take a number and get back to you. What party? And who the hell is Gregory?
Today is SXSW focus time. And tonight is Dragonfly with VDRK. And some stenciling with Iron Aidan. And more. To be announced shortly.
This new kitten…keeps walking all over the table. Drinkin my water. Next thing I know he’ll be meowing at me telling me how he lost his catnip…near the fishbowl. It’s only Monday?