Being e x h a u s t e d  and under the weather equals me hiding under covers for about 24 hours and scouring the endless void of Netflix, in which case this week I was able to rediscover : GARFIELD. This was amazing. Although I was a bit upset about missing two back to back Simian Mobile Disco shows, I did get to see The Faint post show in Philly and catch up with Sweet Pea on his Eve 6 tour and learn a few lessons from the animated fat cat. And then on my night out, I ended up roaming around with Rew.

For some reason it’s December, but Philly is misty and feels like an Irish Spring commercial. If only it smelled like one too. But regardless, even on a quiet misty mountain type of night, there’s still fun to be had. Mid street photo shoots, video games, dancing, building totem poles, wearing ridiculous glasses (in the club), and photo bombing…my own photos. Just a typical Monday post 24 hours in bed. No big deal. Stay tuned for more roaming radical adventures.