This week has been full of nothing but pure excitement. Although I sadly missed out on being at The Grammys this year, I did get to cheers my pals on from afar and watch Skrillex take home a few more awards while spending my weekend hitting up triple-decker parties. SAFARI happens only a couple times a year and this time it was mashed up with Transmission, Tigerbeats and Blow Up A Go-Go, and although there was a Nor’easter sweeping across the east coast, the venue was at capacity by 10 pm.You’d think people would want to hibernate at home; but with the essence of spring on the horizon just the thought of dancing around with your best buds is enough to get you out of your hut. So I danced, bounced around and was gifted with my favorite Twiggy and Sharon Tate posters from the Blow Up crew.

This weekend also welcomed back a reunion of the long lived TVI (Turnaround vs. Immediate) party in Philadelphia. Frontman, EBGIII from An Albatross teamed up with Gregg Foreman of Cat Power plus Rusty Seger and Ian St Laurent formulate the men behind the decks of the raw funk, psych and soul power of this party. Walking into Ruba felt like walking onto the set of a 60?s dance TV show. Absolutely no complaints. And after having a week of 6 am nights and overcast days, the sun has crawled out and that means I’m going to crawl out of this hobbit hole as well. It’s pretty exciting to know that spring time has almost sprung!