There’s too much going on; but what’s new? Now that everyone is back in reality action after Thanksgiving boozin’, schmoozin and food fuelin it’s the hustle of getting everything wrapped for the holidays. Literally.
I spent a few amazing weeks in LA soakin’ up the sunshine, DJing, doing some fashion shoots and learning how to cook some homemade soups. I got to enjoy Club Rhonda after missing it for nearly a year and can easily say it’s one of the greatest parties in that city right now. I DJ’d Hang the DJs with Valida and was literally raising the roof…not to mention banging the walls in between and during tracks. Plus, Le Castlevania and I finally ran into each other which is a feat in itself since we both switch coasts on each other on a daily basis. And now I’m back on the east coast for a bit…enjoying the…rain? Just snow already!
On the Shadowscene front, there’s a ton to be excited about. I’ll be in NY this Thursday for the new Shadowscene weekly with Whit Fierce, LEWD Thursdays at Orchard Bar. Tonight I’m checking out TigerBeats indie dance party at The Barbary in Philly and Awesometown is still rocking twice a month in Los Angeles. Plus, our vintage collection is in full boom and you can check out new pieces each week in the store and I’ll be releasing some select limited prints from the “Fragments & Figmentations” collection in the next week! Our buddies Finger on the Pulse had a kick-ass premiere for their new weekly show, Dinner with the Band on IFC. This week check out Final Fantasy and record that bizzle if you can’t catch it every week. Speaking of music…KC and I have finally locked down some deadline dates for our recordings. Get pumped! And I’m stoked on what Diplo and Robyn are up to…lock in to Mad Decent for more updates.
Of course…I had to tap into some old Robyn anthems and wound up watching Konichiwa on repeat. It’s very Pee-Wee’esque. All it needs is a little Chairy the Chair and Meka High Meka Highney Ho.