Each year it’s a bit mind bending to take a stroll through all of your “instagram” moments and relive the past few months one snapshot at a time. Given the amount of photos I take on even a weekly basis, it’s more centering to focus on the “highlights” via IG as an recap of the journey…and 2013 was a wild one. From circus acts in Chicago to champagne rooftops in Manhattan, from glitter to fire, Bowie to Slayer, backstage bananas to Big Freedia bounce, Barbary breakout, Barbies and Bambi; 2013 was a year of extremes. A year of new beginnings and reconnecting. A year of loss but also a year of discovery and change. So cheers, to all the significant moments from the past year — where grunge, zombies and guns n’ roses were somehow all rolled up into one.

Have a glimpse through some of the highlights, adventures and memories of 2013  in the Year of Grams.